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Polyurethane Flooring 

PU floorings are best suitable for multi-purpose area fits. The beauty about PU floorings lies in appearance and good looks and our best suited for reputed sports establishments. But don't let just looks fool you, PU flooring is well known for its technical specifications and superior durable toughness, that makes it perfect for effective sports performance and workout output. Using Polyurethane on the floor design and offering our clients multicolored options and thickness availability, to further boost the appearance and comfort of the flooring. We have custom designs and standard measurements, that cater to all our customer's preferences. Our staff and professionals carry out a stringent check on all quality of the PU floorings. Even the resistant to shock, weather and other abrasives are well tested before marking it approved by us. Post that, we make sure our products are ITF certified and classified under various International and National Complaint safety norms.


- PU floorings are suitable for Outdoor and Indoor Applications
- PU floorings are UV treated for better resistant
- Warranty with products
- All our PU flooring are on-site construction
- We offer Multi Colour Options to our patrons

Technical Specifications
- USA Based Designs and Research influenced with Indian Superior Raw Materials
- 2mm Wear layers
- Anti-Wear coatings
- We have a wider range of dimension stability due to fiberglass layers
- UV coating for outdoor flooring
- All Certifications are checked and approved by ITF technical specifications
- Capabilities of delivering all International and National Standards specifications
- Low Maintainance and long lasting durability
- Mulitple thickness solutions for PU Floorings ranging from 5mm – 14mm
- Excellent shock absorption
- Max load-bearing for gym flooring
- Higher bounce for all ball sports activities
- Less strain on joints and muscles

Advantages for Plastic floors
- Long lasting life
- Elastic capabilities with strong surface
- Seamless in design and appearance
- International and National certified
- Maximum sports playing comfort
- Injury-proof and shock resistant
- Good Balance, slippery resistance
- Excellent vertical ball lift
- Visible line markings
- No unwanted glare
- Excellent colour appearance
- Soundproofing

Polyurethane Sports Flooring
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