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Pre-fabricated Pool

Ready-made swimming pools all over india
Readymade Swimming Pool
FRP Swimming Pool

We at Aalankritha focus to make pools simple & easy to make & use. That has come with years of continuous R&D making pools better every year as R&D is a never-ending process.

Prefabricated pools are as name suggested are fabricated in factory & assembled at sites or homes. Prefabricated pool can be in any shape & size.

These can be in ground or above ground indoor & outdoor installation. These can be of any size & depth as need the modern fully automatic liner fixing machines.

This is Very Simple Method of Making Swimming Pools

  • We first make the floor of swimming pool which is generally made by client or any local contractor.

  • Floor can be made in PCC or RCC as per soil condition. The roof top pools are made on existing RCC roof.

  • The other option of roof top pool is to strength the roof or prefabricated steel platform & RCC on that.

  • Extra 1 foot of PCC / RCC is laid from the decided size of pool

  • 10 mm of sand is laid on the PCC / RCC

  • The prefabricated pool is installed on the PCC / RCC bed

  • Now the drain & inlet kit are fixed.

  • Once this is done, we fix lights on wall, ladder inside pool & water filter system at appropriate place.

  • After this pool is tested with water and hand over to client.

  • Back filling of soil on the sides of the pools, pool decking or landscape are to be completed by client after handing over of the pool.

Ready-made swimming pools all over india
Fiberglass Swimming Pool
Prefabricated Swimming Pool
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