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Gym Floor

Sports Flooring

We make floorings for all types of sports surfaces, such as Badminton, Athletic Tracks,  Squash, Basketball, Hockey Pitches, Tennis, Volleyball, Artificial Football, and landscapes. We are committed to being a knowledge resource, when dealing with sports vicinity stakeholders and providing value for money flooring solutions. We assist clients to make informed flooring decisions, that are cost effective and do not damage easily.

Our company is well certified with third-party certifications ranging from ITF, IAAF, FIBA, IHF, BWF, IAAF, and WSF. 

All our floorings are tested and approved by the company and even onsite field test after installing. Our manufacturing unit is ISO certified and environmentally friendly with a huge clientele based. We develops the latest technology, by implementing USA based research and analysis with sports floorings. We are bench set on becoming India’s solution for all sports-related infrastructure.


Why Pick Us?
Start to finish : Customers are provided with ample support for the entire process of the project. The project covers discussion, design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance(covered under warranty)

Experience : We have been in constant production with clients for schools, universities, sports arenas, government sports centers, clubs, gymkhanas, and private sectors.

Affordable pricing : We are price conscious and we believe in quality at the least costing. We have an abundance of flooring solutions for clients with a budget friendly plan.

Free Consulting : We have expertise architect and engineering consulting that study your requirements and provide the best solutions and deals. This is very crucial since accurate mapping of the surface is required to fit the terrain.

Environmental Design : All Sports flooring is well treated and does not emit volumes of chemical hazards, so they can be installed in indoor facilities as well. They are also eco-friendly to dispose of and do not react to climate or temperature fluctuations. Most importantly they are child and athlete proof with safety standards well satisfied.

If you are seeking a custom or standard sports flooring or any private residential or commercial based turf, then feel free to make us your one point of contact for flooring solutions. Simply contact us and let us work together to building your requirement.

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