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Squash Court

We provide optimum Squash flooring surfaces, that run numerous test to qualify as shock resistant, to prevent injuries and strains on the joint and muscles. Resiliency, durability and even superior ball bounce, are what we target for all our floorings for squash courts. We offer a minimised friction and provide great acceleration for players while playing. We offer an entire service of solutions, right from the design and formulation that is based on superior raw materials to the aesthetic colour appeal for a perfect finish. We are well known WSF Norms Squash Court System as we manufacture Squash Court Wooden Flooring, Squash Court hard Plaster System, Squash Court Back Wall Glass etc..


What we Cover under Squash
- All Visible Markings

- Floor Smoothness
- Court Consulting and trending Design

We make sure that all our floorings for Squash Courts are the highest benchmark and provide our customers with material quality tested and approved solutions. From our Maple prefabricated floors to our fine Wood flooring for the athlete to excel. Our Floorings are famous for its smoothness and hard tensile strength, making it long lasting and eye appealing in quality and visuality. Our courts are designed, to withstand constant impact from the ball and give better rebound for the racket without deterioration.


Our Squash courts are designed for maximum impact, with a prefabricated material, that is superior in quality and yet available to our clients at affordable market valued rates. All our Courts are built for indoor experience, with an outdoor thriving performance. We also take precautions in our dimensions and make sure that our squash courts are subjected to building codes. We are a one point contact for the manufacturing, delivery, and installation of our products, which ensure the highest and most accurate control over quality which we inspect on a stringent base. Our Courts ensure that the ball's impact, along with the constant strain from the players, does not cause any sort of wear or damage providing the perfect squash court flooring design.

- Low Maintenance
- High Endurance on Impact
- Superior Ball Rebound
- Shock resistant, to prevent knee or ankle strain or injury
- Well layered materials to give a stronger durability
- Multi Colour options
- Resistant to many weathering agents

Squash Court Drawing
Sports Wooden Flooring execution
Squash Sports Wooden Flooring Court
Sports Wooden Flooring
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