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Speed Of Installation: Fiberglass swimming pool comes directly as ready to install from the factory. These swimming pool starts functioning as little as 4 -7 days.

Smooth Finish: Fiberglass swimming pools have a smooth clean gel coat finish that is non abrasive. There are no sharp edges or rough finishes. Compared to tiles, they are so abrasive which harm the skin and also attract algae formation.

Maintenance Free : The gel coat on Pools not only looks great, it’s so easy to look after. The surface is smooth and non-porous so it cleans easily and is very stain resistant.

Low Chemical Usage : Fiberglass swimming pools, the surface is chemical inert so there is nothing in the pool surface that can alter the water chemistry. Hence low chemical usage and considerable cost saving on running your swimming pool.

Surprising Strength : Our fiber glass pools exceed the standards for shell thickness and high tensile strength of fiberglass will allow the pool shell to flex without cracking that accommodate earth movement. No wonder aero planes and sea speed boats are using fiber glass in their manufacturing.

Great Designs : We are being at the cutting edge of pool design technology. The swimming pool can be customized as per the clients requirement. Apart from this, the pool can be made in any colour, any finish (like marble or granite finish), with various designs like pool borders, logos and pictures to suit your home, commercial need, your taste and your budget.

Color Range : Whether it be a traditional natural finish or modern culture finish or our own exclusive sparkle and shimmer finishes, you can be assured there will be just right color to suit your home and taste. We can even have pool with marble or granite finish.

Compatibility : Salt chlorination, Chlorine, Ozone systems all work wonderfully with our fiberglass swimming pools. These pools are compatible with water heater and chillers.

Other Features : Water gym, Water aerobic, Water mill , Counter current swimming systems, Jacuzzi system , Under water lighting are other feature in fiber glass made swimming pools.

Custom Made Designer Pools : We are unique in all of their features. The most popular is to have custom size, logo design, cartoon designs or even photos into swimming pool.

Family Fun with Private Swimming Pool : We offer vast range of swimming pools made of fiber glass single piece for residential and commercial use. Our pools are made of fiberglass with side support which enables them to be installed above ground, semi ground or completely underground.

Client can even opt for endless counter current system for continuous swimming and SPA for massage to the body. 

Fiberglass swimming pools manufactured by us comes with a manufacturing warranty of 12 years as we are confident of its strength and quality.

Benefit of readymade swimming pools 

  • Single window swimming pool made in controlled environment and technology.

  • Each pool can be customized with respect to color, design, depth, etc.

  • Each pool is built in factory and then transported and installed at site, hence less execution time.

  • These pools are very less in weight compared to concrete pools and hence can be installed on roof tops and RCC slabs with no or less changes to the slab structure. 

  • The pool need to be installed on 100 mm PCC and 50 mm thick sand bed and no side support is needed for swimming pool.

  • There is no tiles chipping or cuts can happen as in other pools as the wall of swimming pool is smooth without any joint or niches.

  • These pools can be shifted to new place without much hassles, whereas concrete pools are dead investment.

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