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Synthetic Acrylic

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We have the experience and knowledge for any installations of all Acrylic surfaces, in various indoor and outdoor sports, that are recognized on an international level of excellence. We conducts a wide variety of tests and personally inspects all product surfaces, for safety, sports abilities, and durability. Our products are designed and made to perfection, based on the type of sports play and player usage. Not all sports can be played on any surface. There are specifics on the terrain each sport is played on, that performs a higher advantage in the athleticness of a player. Understanding the importance of every sport and making a flooring surface for that particular sport is our priority.

Acrylic Synthetic is the perfect blend for any outdoor and multi-purpose sports activities, due to its hard surface that gives the perfect ball bounce and higher leg lift for any such sports.
It is very easy to maintain and can remove any residue or stain with an easy clean and low maintained. With its athletic appeal and highly professional appeal, it is considered as the best terrain for outdoor sports. Our clients benefit with a cautious and synchronized installation to make sure the flooring offers the best results.

Products in Acrylic synthetic surface
- Our Acrylic synthetic surface is mixed and installed in three unique ranges
- 5 layers acrylic synthetic with a thickness extending to 2mm
- 7-9 layers acrylic synthetics with a thickness, ranging up to 3mm
- An ultra cushion effect with acrylic synthetics, that comes with an SBR rubber coat followed by acrylic synthetics layered to a thickness of 6mm.

Acrylic Synthetic Technical Specifics
- LATEX ITE surfaces based in the USA
- Quality Assurance
- Personally Inspected
- Distribution with reputed Clients and Establishments
- Olympic Quality and Standard Approved
- Superior Raw Material Incorporation

- We handle and take complete control from the installation to the floor construction and analysis of performance.
- Providing vertical integrity in solutions for optimizing quality.
- Installed and manufactured as per ITF standards.
- Our Designs and flooring can be fitted and installed for multi-purpose sports activities.
- USA designs and implementation being manufacture in India proves the higher quality of bonding capacity of the surface.
- Various colors and custom designs available as per our clients requirements.

Applications for Acrylic Synthetics include
- Outdoor and Multipurpose sports vicinities
- Outdoor Tennis Courts

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