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Panel Pools

Readymade Swimming Pool
Liner Swimming Pool

Construction Procedure for Panel Pools

  • For In-ground pools, soil needs to be excavated. The area need to be excavated should be 2 feet more than the size of the pool planned (By client or local contractor)

  • Now the flooring needs to be made using PCC or RCC as per soil condition. Roof top pools are made on existing RCC roof but structure engineer opinion needs to be taken before construction starts (By client or local contractor)

  • PCC or RCC needs to be laid 2 feet extra on all the sides of the pool. (By client or local contractor)

  • Once the PCC or RCC flooring is ready, the fiberglass panels are erected using the metal brackets to give the shape and size of the pool

  • Once the structure of the pool is ready; drain and inlet kits are fixed

  • Now a smooth layer of cement coat needs to be applied on the floor, inside the fiberglass structure.

  • 1.5 mm thick liner is fixed inside of pools wall and floor. We use antiskid pool liner.

  • After liner is fixed, lights on wall, ladder inside the pool & pipe less water filter system are installed

  • After this, the pool is tested for various parameters with water and hand over to the client. 

  • On handing over the pool, the client needs to fill up the side walls and can take up installation of deck around the pool

FRP Swimming Pool
Prefabricated Swimming Pool
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